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APNG Software

1. APNG Assembler is an easy-to-use tool to make Animated PNG from PNG/TGA image sequence.

Creates highly optimized APNG files, uses lots of tricks to make them as small as possible. Support zlib, 7zip, Zopfli compression options. GUI version for Windows, CLI versions available for all major OSes. There is also an online version.

2. RealWorld Paint is a powerful free image editor with animation support.

Pros: RealWorld Paint can load and save APNG files, and it supports lots of other image formats too. It also includes extensive editing options, with layers and styles. It can convert animations to filmstrips and vice versa, add or remove frames, change animation speed.

Cons: Not cross-platform, Windows only.

3. VirtualDub APNG Mod provides Animated PNG support for the popular video editing software VirtualDub. It can load and save APNG, with or without alpha channel. Automatic frame difference optimization helps to compress files more. VirtualDub filters provide a lot of processing options - crop, resize, etc.

Pros: Accepts all kind of input - video, image sequences, APNG/MNG files. Good compression.

Cons: Not cross-platform, Windows only.

4. APNG Anime Maker is another program to create animated PNG files.

Pros: Provides flexible optimization options, including lossy with adjustable tolerance level, over selected image region.

Cons: Not cross-platform, Windows only.

5. Japng Editor is a Java library/editor to create APNGs from a sequence of individual images.

6. GIF Movie Gear is a professional GIF animation software with APNG support.

7. gif2apng and apng2gif converters.

8. APNG Optimizer.

9. TweakPNG is a low-level utility for examining and modifying PNG/APNG files. You could edit time delays in fcTL chunks, assign a transparent color by creating tRNS chunk, edit palette, remove unneeded chunks, and much more.

Plug-ins and Extensions:

APNG Plug-In for GIMP

APNG Plug-In for Paint.NET

APNG Extension for Google Chrome

Command line tools:






: command-line GIF -> APNG converter.

: command-line APNG -> GIF converter.

: command-line APNG Assembler. Converts PNG/TGA sequence into APNG file.

: command-line APNG Disassembler. Deconstructs APNG files into individual PNG frames.

: command-line APNG Optimizer.

Online tools:

APNG assembler

: online PNG -> APNG converter.

: lots of animated GIF/APNG online tools.

: Preloader generator.

: Free online animation generator for AJAX & JQuery.

: Avatar maker.

Developer's resources:
APNG Test Suite
APNG format specs
How Inter-frame Optimization works in APNG

GIF vs APNG vs WebP
Comparison of animation formats
The next generation of the APNG Assembler, a.k.a. apngasm library.
APNG patch for WebKit.
APNG patch for Chromium/Blink.
libpng library
APNG patch for libpng
C code samples for apng-patched libpng
APNG feature detection: simple JS script
APNG parser in C# and APNG Wrapper for XNA
iOS framework for loading and displaying APNG images