My Trips

At least once a year I try to get away from the craziness that I have to deal with all the time, and take off to some place where there are no computers, not internet, and no people.

If the trip is memorable enough - I make a webpage about it. For myself mostly, but I'll share them too :)

Around the USA in 90 days

90 day RV trip around the perimeter of the USA. Read more

2018 - Across Canada east

Cross-country RV trip from Toronto to Nova Scotia. Read more

2017 - Across Canada west

Cross-country RV trip from Toronto to Vancouver. Read more

2016 - Hudson's Bay

Hudson's bay - farthest north you can ride in eastern Canada. Read more

2013 - Peru

Seven day trip through the mountains in Peru. Read more

2013 - Bruce Trail - Part1

The first part of our trip following the Bruce trail from end to end. Read more

2012 - Newfoundland

Round trip from Markham to the easternmost point in North America on a motorcycle. Read more

2012 - Killarney Canoe

Five day canoe trip through the Killarney Provincial Park in Ontario. Read more

2011 - Bolton-Toronto Kayak

Day trip from Bolton to Toronto down the Humber river. Read more

2008 - Algonquin Canoe

Six day canoe trip through the Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario. Read more

2008 - Toronto-Ottawa Bike

Four day bicycle trip from Toronto to Ottawa. Read more

2005 - La Cloche Silhouette

Four day hike on the trail in Killarney Provincial Park. Read more

2005 - Toronto-Niagara

Four day bike ride from Toronto to Niagara Falls and back. Read more