Open Source Projects

Some of these projects I started just for fun, some because I wanted to spend my time productively, some as part of school, some part of my work.

Several of the older projects I still support, others were a one-time event. Regardless - feel free to contact me if you have any questions about them, I'll be happy to reply (even if it takes me a while).

Everyone's Timetable

An Android app to help you find anyone's timetable in your school. Read more


Graphical audio CD ripper for Linux, supporting nearly every compressed format out there. Read more

ISO Master

Graphical ISO image editor for Linux/BSD. Read more

Animated PNG

Specification and implementation of APNG. Currently maintained by Max Stepin. Read more

Freedom Toaster

A kiosk that will burn open source software on people's blank disks for free. Read more

DSA Animations

Data Structures and Algorithms animations made by my students using HTML5 and Processing.js. Read more

Master's Project

Blog of the work on my master's project on the usability of tablet PCs for code review. Read more